One thought on “Q & A, Part 1: February, 2009”

  • jfreaks198

    Hey Toby,
    I was wondering what your thoughts are on Ephesians 4:8-10. I have heard that Paul is using a reference to the way that victorious Kings would return home by having a parade into town with the defeated captives being led in disgrace; the town’s people would be celebrating, and the King would be handing out gifts that he had brought back. So Paul is saying that Jesus did descend into Hades, not to be punished or tormented but as the victorious King proclaiming that He was victorious over His enemies and begin His victory parade into paradise, which may have been why some of the body’s of the saints were raised according to Matthew 27:53, it could have been that celebration showing up on the earth. This seems like a possible explication to me and thought that I should see what you thought.

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