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  • In the Bible you cannot find the word Trinity. Neither can you find this concept. It would be completely impossible to read and understand the Bible if God and His son Jesus Christ were one and the same person. It is evident that God and His Son are individual persons. This becomes evident by the fact that the Bible does not present them as equals: God commands and makes demands: the Son obeys and does what the Father wants Him to do. The Bible presents the Son’s obedience to His Father as one of His most important characteristics. But never does the Bible hint at the Father’s obedience to His Son.

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    Dear abcofchristianity,
    It is beyond evident that you didn’t listen to the lesson. Christians don’t assert that the Father and the Son are the same person. I think that before I say anything else – other than to note that I’ve already completely refuted your argument in the lesson – you need to listen to the lesson. Thanks 🙂

  • cleansl8

    The Trinity is the only conclusion to the progressive revelation of YHWH the I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHOM I SHALL PROVE TO BE in the bible that does not contradict itself . The Trinity is not a problem – it is a solution . As for any example when comparing to reveal YHWH with anything I agree with you Toby and that I also think we should remember that we are not to make any image of anything that is in heaven , etc (Ex 20:4) , or even attempt to substitute YHWH with anything – for who is like Him . Thank you Toby for letting me express myself . I am grateful and by the grace of the Holy Spirit working through you I am learning . Peace , David

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