2 thoughts on “THE ESSENTIALS: Intro & God’s Unity”

  • AliBrimom82

    Toby I want to thank all yall for this ministry. I got an ipod last christmas and stumbled upon BSP. I was raised in a christian home, baptisted, but wasn’t living for God. I did not understand at 7 the magnitude of what I was doing. Now at 25 i’ve come to “count the cost” and realize how amazing God is. This essentials study is great, cause I can get more understanding of my convictions and share them with others.

  • cleansl8

    Dear Toby , I just want to give you thanks for beginning this study . It is something that my son and I look forward to as we consider “the essentials” . For what it is worth I think it is sort of ironic considering God’s progressive revelation of Self to man in the shema – Duet 6:4 “Hear O Isreal , that the LORD your God is one” can be transliterated as I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHOM I SHALL PROVE TO BE your Elohiem (plural form of God for the strictly monotheistic Jew) is echad(hebrew word for “one” that can refer to a compound unity such as a cluster of grapes) . Thanks again for all that you do my brother . God Bless , David

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