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  • Kyle 182

    May 2nd, 2008 at 11:41 pm e
    I think the person trying to do the brain washing is you and this site. Sure you’ve done some research to try and sound like you know what you are talking about, but what about the fact that being gay isn’t a choice? I am gay myself, and I’ve known this since gr.1. Since before I even knew what it ment to be gay. I tryed to live the “normal” straight life style, but I was being fake and was really unhappy pretending to be something I wasn’t. It’s websites like this and people like you that make gay people ashamed of themselves and end up hating who they are. Because none of us have a choice here, do you choose to be straight? If I had a choice I wouldn’t choose this because its a hard life. What is your solution to being homosexual? To be alone the rest of my life? Or be with someone of the opposite sex that I don’t really love? Right now I found the most amazing man, and we are so in love and so happy. And we are harming no one. I think they’re are bigger problems to talk about in this world then who someone desides to love or sleep with, especially since it is harming no one. If you don’t like it, then don’t pay attention to it. But we have the human right to be happy, and shouldn’t have to feel bad about who we are.

  • admin


    First of all, thanks for listening to the lesson. Let me start off by saying that I need to stay away from sin just as desperately as you do, so I’m not trying to come across as “holier than thou” or anything.
    Based on your post, it’s pretty clear that you didn’t listen to ALL of the lessons, as I covered your objection: the fact that you feel that you were born homosexual. You are committing the fallacy of equivocation in how you use the word “choose.” If I feel that I am born to be a murderer, does that justify me murdering someone? Of course not, and neither does your feeling that you were born gay justify acting on your inclination. We’re all born with a sin nature, but God still asks us to do things His way.
    If you think that you are harming no one by being in a gay relationship, again…listen to all of the lessons. Nothing could be further from the truth. Studies have demonstrated that homosexuality does great damage not only to the individuals, but to society at large as well.
    As for your argument that you have the right to be happy, let me ask you something…did Hitler have the right to be happy by whatever means he felt were necessary? Was it possible for Hitler to be happy and at the same time for the Jews in western Europe to be happy? Hopefully that gets you thinking a little bit about how very unimportant personal happiness is in comparison to the importance of a) developing virtuous character; and b) society at large.
    As for a “solution” to being gay, again, if you would listen to all of the lessons, I’ve addressed what I would recommend that you do…get help from http://www.CrossMinistry.org, a ministry run by a recovering homosexual that is designed for practicing and recovering homosexuals.
    I’m not trying to be heartless here. My goal is to be logical. While your argument rests on nothing but emotion, I try to present arguments that are empirically-, logically-, and factually-based. I recognize your struggle, and while I may seem harsh or heartless, the purpose of this study was to reach out in true love to people like yourself (and if you listen to all of the lessons, you’ll understand why reaching out to homosexuals the way I have is the most loving thing a person can do for you).
    I pray that you will listen to all of the lessons, and that you will at least check out CrossMinistry.Org.

  • mrguido45

    I think the lessons did a poor job of demonstrating how being gay is harmful to society at large. You mentioned the need for a dual-gendered household, then jumped to stats about broken homes (which are NOT necessarily gay homes, in fact rarely so). Read the research on gay parenting. You’ll be surprised.
    The arguments in this series were often weak logic chains that depended heavily on straw-man fallacies. You thank God for intellect and reason, but fail to exercise these faculties with any rigor.

  • admin

    Hey MrGuido,

    Based on responses I’ve received from that lesson, I think most people maybe had an easier time connecting the dots than you did, apparently. Let me clarify for you…
    (1) In countries such as Norway and the Netherlands, homosexuality has been widely accepted.
    (2) In those same countries, the more homosexuality was accepted, the more people viewed relationships as “coupling,” and marriage rates decreased.
    (3) As a result of marriage rates decreasing, more children were born out of wedlock.

    I apologize if I didn’t make the connection sufficiently clear in the lesson.

    Further, you’re the pot calling the kettle black by accusing me of drawing up a straw man argument, when you yourself are clearly guilty of doing just that yourself. I never said that broken homes are necessarily gay homes. Where did that come from? And what makes you think I haven’t read anything about gay parenting? Here’s an article that features interviews with grown children of gay parents, and the damage that had been done to them http://www.family.org/marriage/A000002318.cfm .

    I’m guessing that you missed the entire point of the lesson because you were too busy looking for something to criticize, but forgive me if I’m mistaken 🙂


    p.s. Check out the book, written by David Popenoe, called Life Without Father: Compelling Evidence that Fatherhood and Marriage Are Indispensible for the Good of Children, (New York, The Free Press, 1997.
    p.p.s. Also see these critiques of the same-sex parenting studies that you are likely referring to:
    Lerner and Nagai, “No Basis: What the Studies Don’t Tell Us About Same-Sex Parenting” (Marriage Law Project, 2001) http://marriagelaw.cua.edu/secure/No%20Basis.pdf
    Stacy and Biblarz, “(How) does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?” American Sociological Review 66:159-183 (Apr. 2001)
    Wardle, “The Potential Impact of Homosexual Parenting on Children,” University of Illinois Law Review 1997:833-919

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