3 thoughts on “Responding Logically to Pro-Homosexual Arguments”

  • ace

    you’ll be held accountable for where you lead people, toby.

  • admin


    Are you able to give me a good reason to believe that my position is incorrect or are you not? So far, you haven’t made an effort to substantiate anything you’ve said on here. Are you able to do so? Then please do. If you’re not able to do so, then maybe you need to ask yourself why you hold the position that you do.
    I realize that I’ll be held accountable for where I lead people, which is why I lead people based on what Scripture says, and not on some emotional, pseudo-rational, unsubstantiated claim that someone makes.


  • sam

    thank you for the podcast. very interesting. I’m just wondering about your statistics. Your stats mention crime related to people growing up in ‘broken’ households and/or to single parents. it would be helpful to mention from where you got the stats and whether any of those ‘broken’ households are homosexual and not heterosexual households.

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