2 thoughts on “Q and A: April, 2008”

  • trineo

    Heres a suggestion on getting possibly more comments for each study…

    Maybe do a monthly drawing (christain cd or book you recommend) for anyone who posts a comment for that month? Announce that in your bible study podcasts.

    I know its always nice to get feedback from your listeners but sometimes its like pullin teeth lol

    LOVE the eat your own feeces logistical argument for homosexual animals as biological evidence. WOOT.. I know I want to eat my young too cause.. dont ya know… animals do so I guess I should too..LOL

    Hmm maybe we should think about a new formal greeting as well.. like sniffin ….. 🙂 Sorry… I’m getting out of hand now

  • trineo

    Wow.. I just watched the “Church of Ohprah”
    and I am floored.

    This is honestly the first evidence I have ever seen of the warnings in scripture about FALSE witnesses.

    WHOA to Oprah for she is leading MILLIONS astray… WHOA that she will receive because scripture says so. She is leading believers AWAY from Christ and the work on the Cross.

    Let no one confuse the false prophet (anti christ) spoken of in revelation here. Ohprah is not the Anti christ. But.. she along with Tolle and this williamson lady are FALSE prophets on a GLOBAL SCALE…. its scary.

    God is Real.. He is the God of the canonical bible. Jesus is Gods sun and through Jesus, is the only way to eternity with God…

    And I feel sorry for Ohprah.. who will one day stand… cower before God .. and all her good deeds wont do a thing to save her… she did NOT believe in Jesus as Gods son nor did she trust in Jesus for her salvation…

    Ohprah still has time to embrace the TRUTH and only Gods grace and love can help her see the truth now… steeped so far in lies and deceit.

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