3 thoughts on “Part Two: A Biblical Perspective of Homosexuality”

  • trineo

    Lets be honest.. its not even about the “word” homosexuality.. but about the BEHAVIOR that is homosexuality.

    The REAL ISSUE is not a WORD but a BEHAVIOR and as you showed, the BEHAVIOR of men having relations with men and women with women is EXPLICITLY spoke of in the bible loud and clear whether or not the “word” homosexuality was used or not.

    I would be interested to hear your rebutal on people who say, Im born a homosexual, it’s not a choice.

  • trineo

    I understand what you are doing when you say you want to reach out to homosexuals without using Gods Word but there is NO TRUE HEALING my friend WITHOUT GODS WORD.

    Every homosexual will need to come to grips with GODS WORD to be reconciled to GOD just as any of us WHO SIN, need to go to Gods WORD to be reconciled to Him.

    GODS WORD contains what we need to see the truth. To open our eyes we need Gods word. Not clever logic outside Gods word alone.

    I know what you are saying and I get it but I think we error on SELF when we say we are going to reach out to homosexuals using the natural law.. AHHH but to show homosexuals about the NATURAL LAW.. YOU NEED THE BIBLE amigo!!!!! ITS IN THERE!

    I know im arguing logistics but Gods Word should NEVER be removed from ANY ARGUMENT especially a healing or reachout.

    Keep up the great work folks!

  • admin

    Hi Trineo,

    First of all, thanks for listening and for taking the time to share your thoughts. I wish more people would comment on here. But…maybe someday, right? 🙂

    In response to your question about how to respond to people who say that they’re “born with it”…being born a certain way doesn’t justify anything. Some people are thought to be more pre-disposed than others to commit murder, but obviously, even if there is a pre-disposition to commit murder, that wouldn’t justify murdering an innocent person.

    As for the natural law comment…I agree with you. Eventually, the person needs to come to the point where they’re willing to accept God’s word at face value. The problem is that until they come to that point, they don’t care what the Bible says. So to avoid putting pearls before swine, if we can reason with them using the natural law, we’ll have a common starting point with them. If a person doesn’t care what God’s word says, then we can’t effectively reach that person with it (which is ultimately between them and God). Further, there are certain environments in which we are perhaps unable to use the Bible (for example, how can a Christian teacher in the public schools talk to a student who is struggling about homosexuality if using the Bible could get them fired? By using the natural law!).
    Appealing to reason is a great way to show a non-believer why they are wrong…if it wasn’t a legitimate way to win people over for Christ, we’d all be Muslims today because Thomas Aquinas never would have been able to use reason to battle the spread of Islam into Europe and win converts to Christianity in his day and age.

    But I agree with you…our ultimate goal is to bring a person to accept Jesus and accept God’s word as truth and the standard by which all truth must be measured. Our immediate goal is to demonstrate the sinfulness of homosexuality through whatever means will lead a person to that point.

    Thanks again for the comments!
    God bless! 🙂

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