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  • Toby, I listened to your podcast this morning and am glad you are discussing this topic. Where I live we have a huge Hispanic population as we are in an agricultural (grapes) county. I have always welcomed any and all with open arms as my grandparents were once immigrants from Italy and have a very close friend who is from Mexico and consider him family. You mention whether we should follow the laws of our land – turning away illegals – or should we welcome then as the Bible instructs. This is a tough question! It does go both ways too, immigrants need to follow our laws or whatever country they migrate too. For example, I was involved in a car collison just last week with another driver, who was a legal resident for nine years and has been driving all that time without a license. So, the question about the the law or the Bible, which do I follow is not cut and dry. I think we need to look at the reasons for our immigration law and compare that to the culture that the Bible addresses.

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    That’s some good insight, and I agree with you completely, Burt…it’s definitely not a cut and dry issue. There are a lot of factors that we have to be taking into consideration!
    Something I thought about last night as I was thinking about this issue…a great type of outreach for our churches would be to be offering ESL (Engish as a second language) classes, and thereby helping immigrants through the legal immigration procedure. I think most illegal immigrants would prefer to be here legally, but our system just has so many hoops set up for any immigrant to jump through…
    Just something to us as Christians to consider 🙂

  • dziendobry

    I think there needs to be a distinction made between Legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, its a tough issue. I think there needs to be respect and love both ways, from us and them. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Our system gets abused, Americans often get pushed to the wayside, our country is in a deficit already, trying to support permanent guests is just stressing it further. I am very much for legal immigration, that is what this nation was built upon. I am an immigrant in this country from Poland. We had no help what so ever in assimilating when we got here. I was put in an ESL class for a day, soon realizing it was only for Spanish speakers. I had to do kindergarten twice but learned English pretty quickly after that. It will never be a cut and dry issue, I really try to unconditionally love all people but when we are abused and not given respect it can be hard. Btw the audio quality is much better with the last one, no clipping in the higher frequency spectrum.

  • robin

    This is an issue that as a Christian, I have struggled with like crazy. I live in Los Angeles where the Hispanic (mostly Mexican) population has as a matter of fact become the majority.

    I work in a hospital where 80% of patients are Hispanic. I am not exaggerating. On any given day, 8/10 of patients are Hispanic, a lot of them are here “illegally” whatever that means for this discussion.

    Look, you can’t just look at one side of the issue. I found the scriptures you talk about last year in my Bible. However what I struggle with for example is CRIME. These people commit so much crime, it is unbelievable. In LA county 90% of homocides are committed by “illegal aliens”. So these are not your poor friendly people at all. Not to mention the drugs and gang culture they import. Illegal aliens have killed nearly 20,000 Americans every year since 2001. That’s over six times more than the victims on 9/11 EVERY YEAR.

    In addition, it is a healthcare nightmare. U.S. hospitals are on the brink of collapse with many hospitals going bankrupt trying to pay for the uninsured who use emergency rooms as walk-in clinics.

    Many of these people have kids out of wedlock as soon as they arrive in the U.S. so that they can have a child who is a U.S. citizen, that’s what they’re told. Invasion by multiplication.

    Prisons are so overloaded and costing tax payers millions of dollars. Traffic in LA is a nightmare. I can’t even find a place to sit half the time using the subway. Uninsured motorists. You think if you become disabled for the rest of your life because they can’t drive, that this is a great idea of welcoming more of them to keep coming and filling every free space in every U.S. city?

    And the list goes on and on. Their only defense is that “they’re hard working”? Come on, you can’t do 10 things wrong and one thing right and expect us to buy it. You can’t say: I’m paying rent in your home but I’m raping your wife on the weekends!

    Also consider the national security issue. We have got to have secure borders.

    I honestly feel sorry for the middle aged or elderly American citizen who has less rights and benefits than the illegal alien.

    Children born in this country to both parents who came here illegally is instantly a U.S. citizen with every right to Medi-cal
    benefits meanwhile many Americans and legal immigrants are denied such benefits.

    The “alien” spoken of in the Old Testament was not a murderer, rapist, or thief. Not that all of them are like that, but the amount of crime they import into this nation cannot be ignored people!!

    If you’re in LA turn to channel 25 which has a running broadcast of “wanted” criminals. I dare you to do the math and come up with a percentage less than 90% of the crime is committed by them.

    These people REFUSE to assimilate. We already have free ESL classes in hundreds of places. This is not our fault. These people pick their nose shamelessly on public buses.

    How would you feel if you son or daughter was slaughtered to death by a person who crossed the borders illegally? Stop and think about that for a moment.

    In coclusion, there is no easy solution, we should love everyone but they sure make it awfully difficult for me to love them. They’re not sweet, humble people like the Vietnamese for example.

  • AliBrimom82

    all I seemed to get reading your post was wild emotions and hate, under the guise of concern. not ALL illegal immigrants are murders,rapist, etc. I think you need to turn off your tv for awhile and soak in Gods word.remeber this is not our home, our home is in heaven

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