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  • Victorb105

    Regarding the listeners question about arguing an atheists definition of love….You can argue details and facts with an atheist all day long. He may argue that he can love through a myriad of chemical processes in a manner equal to the way we love through Jesus Christ but what it boils down to is that myriad of processes can’t love him back. We as Christians feel Jesus’ love. It brings me to tears when I think of how powerfully I feel loved. We don’t need to argue facts and data with an atheist, we need to communicate that love with which we are blessed. I believe that only then will we touch the heart of that atheist and give him/her something they so desperately need.

  • admin

    Excellent point, Victor!
    There are three categories of objections that an atheist has…
    1) they have an emotional objection to Christianity. Maybe they felt “burned” by the church or by a Christian, or maybe they know someone who was. This can only be overcome by demonstrating love for the atheist.
    2) they have a heart objection to Christianity. For some reason, they chose to reject it outright, and they can’t be reasoned with regarding the truth of Christianity. They don’t want answers about Christianity; they want arguments. Again, this can only be overcome by demonstrating love for the atheist.
    3) they have an intellectual barrier to Christianity. With these types of atheists, it doesn’t matter if you love them until you’re blue in the face – they want the truth, no matter what the cost. With this type of atheist, apologetics is the only way to convince them of the truth of Christianity. Examples of this type of person are Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell, both of whom are highly intelligent people who were intellectually opposed to Christianity, but when they started seeking real answers and found them in the Christian faith.

    So you are correct…we desperately do need to communicate the love of Christ to atheists, first and foremost. And then, if they are truly seeking answers (and not just an argument), we should be prepared to meet them – intellectually – where they are.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • joejkljkl

    Where is the website that has the 309 examples of bad science?

  • admin

    That was almost 2 years ago that I did the lesson in which I gave that website. I’m sorry, but I don’t know where it is anymore. 🙂

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