2 thoughts on “Refuting Atheistic Naturalism”

  • Noran

    Toby, first of all, your podcast are really good and I thank you dearly and am honored to call you a brother in Christ. I have done work in lab settings and have strongly supported evolution until somewhat recently until I began to see its rediculousness. This was before I accepted creation or Christ. I have heard many evolutionists proclaim that the fact that bacteria can show the ability to build immunities to certain antibiotics is support of evolution. Never in my experience has this held value to me because, tho it does show cells can change over time, this does not solidify Darwin’s theory that we evolved from a primordial soup. First of all, because this happens much more rapidly than evolutions proposal of these things happening over millions of years. It can happen in just one generation of bacteria which can be just days. Us ourselves build immunities instantaneously in comparison to millions of years by just receiving a vaccination. You have helped me understand this as a self defeating argument because it contorts the word “evolution” to a subjective meaning of the reader. We would constantly have to redefine how to identify certain bacteria if this supported Darwin’s theory because these bacteria wouldn’t just build immunities to things, they would completely change into something different and we have never seen this happen under a microscope, not even in the slightest. Not with bacteria, yeast, or fungi. What I think would be very interesting is if we asked Apes what they thought about God. We have been able to communicate with various other primates for decades by teaching them our language and have even tought some of them sign language. Wouldn’t it be cool to ask our supposed “anscestors” their opinion on our blood relation to eachother and how they believe we came into existance? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if they rationalized on their own will, that we were created completely separate from each other by some form of creator? I don’t know about you, but I think if an animal showed the intuition that it’s existance was not purely by accident it could say something about our humanity and our origin of life!:) God Bless!


  • Noran

    Also, if you get time. I would like to request another podcast on evolution! I would add to it that science has always aimed to disprove it and disproved themselves. They proposed their theory the world was flat and when they set out to find the answer they found support in the assertion that the earth was in fact round and suspended in the heavens on nothing. They say they have proved evolution based on the fossil record…well the fossil record and Stephen Hawkings theory of everything ACTUALLY confirms support in the chronological order of which God told moses He created everything. When you dig into the earth you first find the earliest plants, sea life, birds, the creatures on the earth and then man. Kindof ironic.

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