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    This has always been a tough one for me. I know you mention its OK to celebrate. I just find it interesting that everything you have to defend about celebrating it..is bottom line rooted from pagan history..everything about it. I love the Glory and Beauty of it. I just also know that Satan will not make anything that is not fun. I have listened to a ton of your Podcasts are they are well grounded and educational. I don’t think the Christmas debate will ever be decided..it just seems that all the holidays come from some rooted paganism. Pretty bad even when Catholic encyclopedia states it.

    Keep up the great work and would enjoy any comments you have. Bless

  • admin

    Yes, I only defended things which have apparent links to paganism, because other things we use to celebrate (e.g., Nativity scenes, etc.) don’t need to be defended. I think there’s liberty for people to celebrate however they chose, so long as Christ is honored because the focus is on Him.

    Thanks for your feedback!
    – Toby

  • king777david

    Thanks for the podcast. A good friend of mine who celebrates Christmas pointed me to this podcast as I am one who doesn’t. I agree that the day is what we make it but I refuse to Celebrate the birth of the Messiah with rituals of pagans. Walk into any 4th grade class and ask “What does Christmas mean to you?” and I think you will get the point. Tell them that in honor of Jesus that we will bless those in need instead of receiving gifts for ourselves. Everything about it is a distraction from Christ.
    The biggest evil I see in the holiday is the lie most tell to their children. I was shocked when I learned that my parents had LIED about Santa Clause and still remember this day 38 years later! They lied about the tooth fairy and Santa Clause so why should I believe them about Christ?
    This day can represent great pleasure to those who have the means to provide gifts and great distress to those who cannot. Shouldn’t the celebration of Christ birth bring joy to all? I can at least say that it is not as evil as Easter where God’s Passover was replaced with pagan traditions.
    I cannot celebrate Christmas in good conscious knowing its origins but do not judge those that do. I can at least say your honesty on this subject will probably have me listening to more of your podcast so thanks once again.
    Your brother in Chirst.

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