6 thoughts on “A Christian Response to the Gay Agenda”

  • Anonymous Oddball

    Great Topic! Thank you for compiling such a clear and concise argument and clearly stating the information for both sides.


  • embrace humanity

    I’d really like to hear another podcast about this issue. I think that the 16 minutes was too short, and that there was not enough biblical information. I know the point of the podcast was how to respond to the gay community, but why the word agenda? Do Homosexuals have it set and planned out to intentionally ruin our society? At the end of the podcast I felt a little abandoned, I was left with a lot of questions. So please, talk about this issue again. Thank You! 🙂

  • ace

    this podcast was really embarrassing. toby needs to do some research.

  • admin

    What kind of research do you suggest, Ace? Could you maybe be more specific?
    You’ll surely enjoy our 3-part lesson series coming later this month:
    * Does the Bible Really Condemn Homosexuality?
    * Is There Really an Agenda to the Gay Agenda?
    * Responding to Homosexuality Without Using the Bible

    God bless you, brother! 🙂

  • ace

    i’d suggest learning about homosexuality.

  • admin

    Could you be a little more specific, Ace? Where am I mistaken? I did my research for that lesson…if I’m wrong about something, you need to show me where and why. All you’ve done is throw empty words out there so far. I’m sure you have something specific in mind…? Go ahead and put it out there 🙂 I’ll even specifically address the issue that you think I’m wrong about in our upcoming series on homosexuality 🙂

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