2 thoughts on “Questions & Answers With Toby”

  • cleansl8

    In reference to the Nicene Creed – I think it is also interesting that the bible also teaches us that the gates of hades shall not prevail (Matt 16:18) and Acts 2:42 indicate a mark of a true church (faithfullness to the teachings of the first apostles) . Hence if Arianism is true then the gates of hell did prevail or grew stronger against the truth . Just my reply . Awesome Q and A show Toby . Take it easy , David

  • Toby

    Great point, brother Dave. Ephesians 2:20 tells us that the apostles and prophets were given to the church to lay the foundation (with Christ as the cornerstone, of course), which just reiterates your point: that what we believe should be in line with what the apostolic fathers taught.

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