One thought on “1st Thessalonians 4:1-8”

  • Joseph

    Hi Toby. I found you a couple months ago and I have listened to quite a few of your podcasts. I think your a very intellegent man but I disagree with you on the subject of monogomous homosexuality. I have done alot of research on the topic on both sides of the issue, I listen to pastors like you, and gay pastors and while you both present valid arguments I find myself siding with the gay or gay allied pastors. The reason why this topic hits me is not because I am gay but I am transgendered. Now I know that is not quite the same it is similar, seeing as your gender or sex determines who you should be attracted to. I am 26 and have never had sex because I believe in abstinence and monogomy, but being who I am I don’t think God looks down on any family. I want to have a family someday and if I do I plan on doing it the right way abstaining and getting married. I was just wondering what you though God expects out of people who are transgendered or have an interexed condition. Alot of Christians don’t think a person should transition (or are actaully trans) but I don’t think anyone can deny there are interexed conditions because those can clearly be seen. I know I am a man in Christ but I will never have a body that is 100% male, and neither would a man who had an intersexed condition. I don’t believe we are created to not be allowed a relationship. It says in the Bible it is better to marry than to burn with passion. What are your thoughts?

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